Wisdom In Chains
"The Missing Links" LP

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Founded in early 2003 as a musical collaboration between musicians from both America and Europe, Wisdom In Chains has put their mark on the American and European hardcore, punk and oi scenes. "The Missing Links" is the highly anticipated new album after the 2009 release "Everything You Know," which shot the band to a whole new level. "The Missing Links" is produced by Freddy Cricien (Madball) and even features Irish-American hip hop MC Slaine. LP includes digital download.

1. Defend Protect

2. Black Out The Sky

3. Traveling

4. Peace To My Family

5. My Friend

6. Dont Bring Me Down

7. The Missing Links (Annunaki Genetics)

8. Snakes

9. Ghost Of Buddy

10. Top Of The World

11. In Case You Forgot

12. Sheep

13. Victorium (instrumental) (bonus track)