Twitching Tongues
"Sleep Therapy" LP

Formed late 2009 in Los Angeles, CA, Twitching Tongues brings a style of metal and rock infused hardcore not often heard in today's modern scene. Influenced by the likes of Type O Negative, Only Living Witness, Black Sabbath, Sam Black Church, Agents Of Man and Section 8, the band finds a way to maintain originality and showcase their own vastly unique sound. After touring both Europe and the United States on a demo and 7" single, the band is ready to release their debut album entitled "Sleep Therapy," a rollercoaster of hard-hitting riffs and catchy choruses. LP includes digital download.

1. I Fell From Grace Feet First

2. Insane & Inhumane

3. Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle)

4. Distance Clause

5. Sleep Therapy

6. Voluntary Confinement

7. Arm In Armageddon Part I: Freezing

8. Arm In Armageddon Part II: The Perils Of Our Seasons