Scars & Stripes
"The Cost of Living" CD

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Scars & Stripes formed in 2005 in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. After their debut EP, "Take Me Back Where I Belong," and a split with Adam's Dagger, Scars & Stripes is proud to release their full-length offering, "The Cost Of Living," on Durty Mick Records. Sure to delight fans from coast to coast, Scars & Stripes mix the East Bay/early Hellcat sound with the classic NY punk of the Ramones.


1. I Just Wanna Believe In You

2. Broken Hearts And Tarot Cards

3. No Money, No Problems

4. (I Was A) Teenage Asshole

5. Mila's Song

6. Severance Pay

7. Restless

8. I Dont Wanna Live

9. Isabel

10. Nothing To Prove

11. The Apology

12. Everything I Need