Murderers Row
"Pissed and Punch Drunk" CD

Murderer's Row has been playing their brand of pissed off, working class rock 'n' roll since 2000. These upstate NY hooligans are back again with their sixth installment of boozing and brawling anthems called "Pissed And Punch Drunk." Since their first show at the legendary CBGB's, they've been mixing their formula of punk rock and oi with sounds from the metal realm topped with a dash of Irish folk to bring the party to the stage.


1. Fightin And Boozin

2. Broken Bones

3. Dont Want You Here

4. Ill Always Be There

5. Watch Me Fall

6. Aggravation

7. Glory Days

8. All We Are

9. My Little Molly

10. Live By The Drink Die By The Drink

11. On The Road

12. We Want More Beer

13. Drunk And Tattooed

14. Let Freedom Ring

15. Die With My Boots On

16. More Rock And Roll

17. We Drink All Night

18. Workin Man

19. Nice Boys

20. Beer Bones And Blood