Danny Diablo
"The Blood Of Eden" CD

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1. Intro (Ft. Natasha Singer of Eye-Ra-Haze)

2. Diablo Made Me Do It (Ft. Jaysaun & Madchild)

3. Internet

4. Ill-Roc Star (Prince Metropolitan, Swann & Pinky)

5. Stomp You Out (Ft. Chino Brown)

6. Lethal Agression

7. Megatron (Ft. Block McCloud, Chucky Chuck & Gillies of Dgaf, The Drp & Big B.)

8. Hide & Seek (Ft. Adlib, Diesel & Natasha Singer of Eye-Ra-Haze)

9. Art Of War (Ft. Adlib & Panic The Maniacal & Diesel)

10. Black Monday (Ft. Prince Metropoli-tan, Lord Willin' & Diesel)

11. Bodies Piled High (Ft. Skam Dust)

12. Ice Giants (Ft. Diesel, Jaysaun & Lord Willin')

13. We're #1 (Ft. Admoney of The Lordz of Bklyn., Mr. Hyde & Creature)

14. Porno-Core Remix (Ft. Adlib, Biz Mighty & Grizz Rock)

15. Globetrotting (Ft. Diesel & Planetary of A.O.T.P.)

16. End Of Silence (Ft. Diesel, Adlib & Adil Omar)

17. Sleepless (Ft. Bizarre of D12 & Adlib)

18. The Blood Of Eden

19. Hitler Is A Jerk (Ft. Dillinger Moses Singer)

20. Saturday Night