"Punk Rock Ruined My Life" CD

Started in early 2008, CONTROL is influenced by deep-rooted street punk ethics along with a smattering of rock ‘n’ roll and anything with attitude. Once those influences were joined together, CONTROL came up with their twist on the oi! punk genre and debut album namesake Hooligan Rock & Roll. Taking their time to devise their next socio-polit- ical laden street anthems for the working masses, the band have finished recording 15 heartfelt tracks for their new album, Punk Rock Ruined My Life.

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  • 1. Thrown To The Wolves
    2. Punk Rock Ruined My Life
    3. Hightime I Hung Myself
    4. Another Mother's Son
    5. He's A Skinhead
    6. Tommy
    7. Rebellion In My Blood
  • 8. Wake Up And Smell The Roses
9. Ian Huntley
10. Job To Do
11. Troubled Times
12. Chaos In The Community
13. Wild Colonial Boy
14. No More
15. Soldier Of Misfortune