Adams Dagger Self Titled CD

Adams Dagger
"S/T" CD
DMR0015-2 (2010)

After a busy 2009 with two EP releases and several US tours, Adams Dagger spent their winter recording their self-titled full-length debut. They brought on producer Elvis Cortez (Left Alone) and friend Stephanie Dougherty (Dropkick Murphys, Deadly Sins) to help the band inject as much of their raw energy and enthusiasm from live performances into this album as possible. Fourteen songs that range from blistering all out attacks to rock 'n' roll ballads that will keep you engaged in this record listen after listen. Buy Now!

  • 1. Bad Man
  • 2. Outta My Reach
  • 3. Over & Over
  • 4. Theif
  • 5. David Icke Was Right
  • 6. Stagger With The Dagger
  • 7. The Will To Survive
  • 8. Here Lies
  • 9. When I'm Away
  • 10. End Of Suffering
  • 11. Hot Dog Down A Hallway
  • 12. Livin' Life
  • 13. Where The Orchid Grows
  • 14. The Little Things